Hi. I'm Hanui, the founder of the PriPara wikia, linked here.

We currently have most of the coord pages done, so if you guys like, you guys can just use our information, but in your own words. Citing our wikia also would be nice, but if you're only using the images it's not a problem. Since I've made most of the coord pages over there, if you need any help, you can ask. :)

I also speak Japanese, and can translate some things, but not fancy textbook words. I'm not an editor here, but we're both wikias on the same topic, so I felt like I could help out a little bit.

If you want to look at our wikia, please do! The link will be pasted below. Also, if you'd like to start editing at our wikia too, feel free! We'll welcome you with open hands. Thanks!

- Hanui

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