Twinkle Ribbon is a lovely type brand and Lala Manaka's preferred brand.


  • 2014 1st Live Collection
    • Cutie Ribbon Coord - The Coord worn by Lala during her first performance(in episode 1.There is Lala's Casual coord.
    • Wonderland Macaron Happy Coord - The Coord worn by Lala in her second performance.
    • Wonderland Rabbit Happy Coord - The Coord worn by Mireille with Lala in her second performance.
    • Flower Meringue Coord - The Coords worn by Lala and Mireille in Episode 3.
    • Twinkle Ribbon Cyalume Coord
    • Wonderland Violet Coord
    • Lavender Butterfly Coord
    • Sky Butterfly Coord
    • Lemon Butterfly Coord
    • Cherry Cherry Coord
    • Cherry Leaf Coord
    • Cherry Navy Coord
    • Strawberry Dream Coord
    • Happiness Flower Coord
    • Peppermint Flower Coord
    • Assorted Flower Coord
    • Lucky Clover Idol Coord
    • Paprika Clover Idol Coord
    • Neon Clover Idol Coord
    • July 2014 Millefaui Collection Vol.1Править
    • Rainy Day Pastel Coord
    • Shiny Ribbon Coord
    • Pop Party Coord
    • Fluffy Risukai Coord (Name Unconfirmed)
  • Promotional Coord 2014
    • Cutie Ribbon Coord
    • Creamy Pastel Ribbon Coord
    • Purple Ribbon Meringue Coord
    • Blueberry Dream Coord
    • Crimson Rose Coord
    • Checker Dancer Coord
  • 2014 Limited Live
    • Hibiscus Summer Coord
    • Pink Autumn Leaf Coord
  • Pri Pass Idol Link Collection 2014
    • Sweet Girl Pastel Coord
    • Charming Pink Coord
    • Sapphire Blue Coord
    • Moonlight Coord
    • White Pearl Coord
    • Fruity Ribbon Coord
    • Sherbet Idol Coord

Coord pages will come soon ~WakaFromStarAnis~


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