Marble Make Up A Ha Ha(Marburu Make Up A Ha Ha)is a Puri Para insert song. It is performed for the first time in episode 6 by Lala and Mirei.

yume ni kakeru zenryoku yuujou ni kakeru yuujou
maazemaaze maaburu
yukou paradaisu koete

shiritai asobishigusa
mido misuru youna kiseki
kamiawanai futari wa
kamiidoru wa mezasu no

biito otte oshinuke
nachu demo nekome demo nai
non-sutairu no yumegao
otome natte miyou yo

egao mabuta ni nose
atarashii watashi he dasshu da zo

hitori janakute futari
dareka kasan shita mitai
suuji jan wakarimasu
purei no parameetaa kowase

koukishin ni nara makete ii yo
demo ne maketai ni makecha dame da

yume ni kakeru zenryoku yuujou ni kakeru yuujou
tsukutte kudaderu
maaburu paradaisu

Dreams times effort, friendship times effort,
Mix it up, Marble.
Let's go beyond the paradise.

We don't even know the rules,
It has to be seen to be believed.
A mismatched duo,
And also dreams that strive to become a God-Rank idol.

Let's overtake the beat.
Neither natural or dolled up,
and a non-styled dreaming face.
Let's become girls like that!

Smiles are our make up.
Toward our new selves, let's dash!

Not alone, there's two of us.
It's a simple equation.
Just numbers, simple stuff.
Let's break the parameters of the game.

You can give into curiosity, of course,
but never, ever, give in to giving up. Never.

Dreams times effort, friendship times effort,
Let's make it, never give up,
to the marble paradise,


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