Make It! is the first opening theme song of Puri Para. This song also debuts as an insert song in Episode 1, sung by Lala and Mirei. This song is sung by I☆Ris.



Short ver.

Osharena anokoma neusuru yori

Jibunn rashisaga
ichinbann desho

Haato no
kagayaki kajitarana

Risou sagashini dekake

 Fueteku omoidezenbu

Pakin to habun kode

 Tomodachi konpuri toshiyou

  Make it! DokiDoki suru toki muteki desho

 Make up ! KiraKira mirai dekimari desho

 Yume wa mou, yume janai

 Dareda ttekanaerareru

 PuriPara PuriParadise !

Stop trying to be like that other girl

You're better off just being yourself

Can't you feel it in your heart?

Let's go look for our own ideas

And every single memory we make

We'll snap it two and

Complete the set with our friends.

Make it! You're unbeatable once you get started!

Make up! Headed for a gloriously shining future!

Dreams aren't, just dreams anymore.

Anyone can make theirs come true now

PriPara! PriParadise!

Full VerEdit



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