Leona West
14 - 1
Age 13
Gender male
Hair Color soft pink
Eye Color hard pink
Affiliation Dressing Pafè
Occupation idol


Team Dressing Pafè
Relatives Dorothy West (twin sister)
Image Gallery

Leona West is a main character of Puri Para. He is Dorothy West's twin brother. His catchphrase is (Tension) Relax! and his main brand is Fortune Party.

Appearance Edit

Leona has got short soft pink hair and hard pink eyes without eyelashes. He's the first idol with a beauty mark. Leona dresses like a girl because he does everything that Dorothy does.

Personality Edit

Leona is very shy and tends to do everything that Dorothy does.

Trivia Edit

  • In episode 18 is revealed that he's a boy.

Gallery Edit

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