• Candy Alamode is a pop type brand that is preferred by Mireille Minami

Known Coords

2014 1st Live Collection

  • Magical Clown Coord
  • Candy Alamode Cyalume Coord
  • Toy Box Coord
  • Dress Burst Toy Box Coord
  • Exciting Star Coord
  • Exciting Spade Coord
  • Exciting Ribbon Coord
  • Freshly Picked Orange Coord
  • Freshly Picked Lime Coord
  • Rainbow Frog Coord
  • Purple Frog Coord
  • Sunflower Frog Coord
  • Cosmic Love Coord
  • Justice Star Crazy Coord
  • Ladybug Dot Coord
  • Ladybug Sky Coord
  • Ladybug Chic Coord
  • Colorful Badge Coord
  • Pastel Badge Coord
  • Mischievious Badge Coord
  • Carnival Circus Coord
  • Cheesecake Circus Coord

July 2014 Millefaui Collection Vol.1

  • Deep Red Hibiscus Coord
  • Mixed Berry Jelly Coord

Promotional Campaign 2014

  • Miracle Berry Coord
  • Charming Circus Coord
  • Space Dream Coord
  • Tropical Sunny Coord
  • Frog Burst Coord

2014 Limited Live

  • Deep Red Hibiscus Coord
  • Autumn Leaf Chestnut Coord

Pri Pass Idol Link Colection 2014

  • Vivid Star Coord
  • Happy Color Coord
  • Popping Star Coord

2014 2nd Live Collection

  • Solami Smile M TEAM Cyalume Coord
  • Natural Frog Coord

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